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Automated processing of sample sequences in a Cary 60 system

Automation for Cary 60 Photometer

  • stand-alone measurement of up to 240 samples in one run
  • for the Cary WinUV applications Scan, Advanced Reads & Concentration
  • sample pickup by Agilent‘s OD sipper or by autosampler pump
  • saving of time and money

Operating principle

The automated processing of sample sequences in a Cary 60 system is realized by a software-controlled sample station with integrated peristaltic pump. Settings and execution are performed within an extension of the Cary WinUV software. Liquid samples are filled in tubes and placed in racks on the sample station. A sample needle moves sequentially to each position and transfers the liquid medium via a peristaltic pump into a flow-cell in the Cary 60 compartment. Then the signal is automatically collected. The sample needle can be washed between two samples in a rinse port to avoid contamination or carry over. During the run there is no interaction required from the end-user which enables free resources for other tasks.


The samples (within vials or tubes) are placed in autosampler racks.

Different rack sizes could be mixed up. The setup of the vial positions, the sequence and the parameters for the photometer is made within the Cary WinUV software.

For every sample of the sequence, the autosampler moves to the right position, picks up the liquid and transfers it into the flow-thru cell of the Cary photometer. The sample needle could be washed at the rinsing port after every step.

At the end of the sequence the needle returns to the HOME position and an report is generated.



Recording of spectra with intervals in the range of 190 - 1100 nm, possibility of baseline correction


Measurement of the sample at one or several wavelengths, possibility for auto-zero to a reference (blank) and processing of a sample list


Concentration or content determination of samples via a previously calculated calibration curve from measured standards in different concentrations, processing of one list each for samples and standards


The 3 modules of the ASAP-4-Cary software are based on the Agilent Cary WinUV software. The photometer specific parameters are entered via the familiar Cary WinUV interface. The parameters for the automated sample addition by the sampler are set via special user dialogs, which can be called up in the additional tab „ADL“ of the Cary WinUV.

Applications / Special solutions for Cary WinUV with ADL

ADL is a macro language within the Cary WinUV software and allows to quickly realize individual tasks that go beyond the standard applications in the Cary WinUV package.

It uses SAX-Basic as programming language to access the functions of the photometer and  to control and integrate peripheral components. The familiar user interface with graphics, reports and data structure is retained.

  • extended, individual measurement procedure
  • additional, individual calculations and evaluation
  • specification of additional parameters
  • acquisition of additional information
  • control and integration of accessories and peripheral devices
  • user guidance according to an operating procedure (SOP)
  • data exchange with other systems
  • user-defined report and documentation

ADL projects are available for the Cary 60, 100, 300, 4000, and 5000 models and the Cary Eclipse.

Order information

Part no.Description

ASAP-4-Cary : Automated Sample Processing Software for  Cary WinUV software moduls Scan, Advanced Reads & Concentration


Sample station PSC-280 with 2 rack positions


Sample station PSC-560 with 4 rack positions


2-Channel Pump Motor Kit


Number of rack positions

PS-C280: 2
PS-C560: 4

Standard rack typs

Rack 1: No. of samples 6x15 - 13 mm diameter
Rack 2: No. of samples 5x12 - 16 mm diameter
Rack 3: No. of samples 4x10 - 20 mm diameter
Rack 4: No. of samples 3x8 - 25 mm diameter
Rack 5: No. of samples 3x7 - 30 mm diameter

Integrated peristaltic pump (optional)

2 channels (1st channel for rinse port, 2nd channel for sample pick-up) speed adjustable


PS-C280: H: 620mm / W: 355mm / D: 550mm
PS-C560: H: 620mm / W: 580mm / D: 550mm

X-Y-Z positions (max.)

PS-C280: X: 220 mm / Y: 300 mm / Z: 150 mm
PS-C560: X: 420 mm / Y: 300 mm / Z: 150 mm


PS-C280: 8.1 kg
PS-C560: 11.7 kg
Microlab 635: 5.9 kg

Material with liquid contact

PTFE, PCTFE, FEP, borosilicate glass

Rinsing port

for rinsing the needle from the inside and outside (only in combination with integrated peristaltic pump)



Power supply

PS-C280: 100-240 VAC, 37-63 Hz, 1.9 A (external power supply)
PS-C560: 100-240 VAC, 37-63 Hz, 1.9 A (external power supply)

Accessories & Consumables

for ASAP-4-Cary


Accessories & Consumables

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Category Description P/N


Can ASAP-4-Cary be connected to an already existing Cary?

If you already have a Cary 50 / 60, you can connect ASAP-4-Cary to it without any problems. The only requirement is that the Cary WinUV software is already installed on the controller PC.

Do I need the Agilent OD-Sipper for sample introduction?

Sample introduction can be realized by using the Agilent OD-Sipper or the peristaltic pump option to the sample station.

Is it possible to transfer the software to photometers made by other manufacturers?

DURATEC offers programming as a service, therefore the software can also be adapted for other photometers as a customized solution.


ASAP-4-Cary Flyer
ASAP-4-Cary Manual
ADL Collection

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