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    Maintenance, repair, inspection & customized solutions

DURATEC Service for liquid handling equipment

We offer a full range of services for DURATEC pumps, dispensers, sample stations and autosamplers, including equipment from Hamilton, V:KIT Ltd and GJC.



Qualification & Calibration

Installation & Instruction

On-site training & seminars

Consulting & Product Demonstration

Procurement of equipment, accessories, consumables

Service Hamilton Microlab

Hamilton Microlab Partner

For analytical applications, your measurement results must be reliable and traceable. Especially in sample preparation, your Microlab has a significant part. For this reason, the Microlab should be checked and maintained at regular intervals in order to replace any defective or wearing parts. We can support you with our services.

Hamilton Microlab 600
Hamilton Microlab 700

Service Flowmeter

The flowmeter must be monitored as test equipment. We recommend an annual recalibration. The test equipment used for calibration is traceable to DKD. The standard calibration is performed at 3 flow rates specified by the customer. Optionally, it is possible to use up to 6 preset points. After successful calibration you will receive a calibration certificate.

vFlow / d.Flow

Calibration / Repair

V:KIT flowmeter




Hamilton Microlab 700

Customized solutions

Are you looking for a suitable solution for your application? DURATEC offers individual special solutions for complex automation processes in the fields of research & development, analytics as well as technical or scientific applications.

Software & Electronics

  • Data acquisition, data transfer, evaluation, reporting
  • Control, operation, monitoring, device integration
  • ADL programming for Agilent Cary WinUV software


  • Special devices
  • Adaptation & modification of devices
  • Special accessories

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