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Precision Syringe Drive PSD/6

The PSD/6 is a high-precision syringe dosing system for laboratory, process engineering, R&D as well as for industrial use for dosing in the range of μl to ml.

Precise dosing from µl to ml

The PSD syringe dosing system is a direct displacement system, so it is possible to dose highly viscous, volatile liquids as well as liquids with different densities very precisely without having to calibrate the system before.

Due to the used materials, a variety of different media (aqueous, organic, aggressive, highly viscous, gaseous) can be transferred metal-free. Thus, the application field of PSD/6 covers from chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology, food industry up to manufacturing industries.

Depending on the model, the systems can be controlled and monitored via RS232, analog or TTL signals.

For complex assignments or multi-channel applications, it is possible to connect up to 15 systems with each other. They are also available as ready-to-use-dosing system with 2-, 3- and 6 units.


The PSD module includes a syringe drive combined with a valve drive. The active valve controls the flow direction. The system is self-priming. The 6 cm stroke length of the syringe drive can be broken down into 48,000 steps by a stepper motor with a syringe speed of 2 sec to 100 min. Depending on the installed syringe, this enables dosing volumes (in one stroke) of 1µl to 50ml. The valve drive could be used with different valves (flow path, material). Syringes and valves can be assembled and disassembled in a very short time, allowing easy and quick change between different configurations.

The dosing parameters can be adjusted to the flow and dosing properties of the respective medium for optimum dosing, e.g. for droplet break-off or injection behavior.

Dosing parameters:

  • Volume
  • Dosing flow rate (TopFlow)
  • Start speed (StartFlow)
  • Acceleration at the start of dosing (Slope Up)
  • Deceleration at the end of dosing (Slope Down)
  • End speed (EndFlow)

Application examples & special solutions for PSD/6

Order information

Part no.Description

PSD/6 Syringe pump, 24VDC, RoHS (wo/housing, valve, syringe, connectors)


PSD/6 Syringe pump w/housing (240x110x60mm), 24VDC, RoHS (wo/valve, syringe, connectors)


Housing (W: 165 / H: 320 / D: 316 mm) for 2 PSD/6 drives (not included) with power supply (100-240 VDC)


Housing (W: 236 / H: 320 / D: 316 mm) for 3 PSD/6 drives (not included) with power supply (100-240 VDC)


Housing (W: 471 / H: 291 / D: 271 mm) for 6 PSD/6 drives (not included) with power supply (100-240 VDC)


Connecting cable for PSD/4 and PSD/6 - 24V / RS232 (for H63133-01 & H63133-01-M1)


Mounting frame for PSD/6


Cover for empty housing position



±1 % at 100 % full stroke


≤ 0.05 % at 100 % full stroke

Fluid path

PTFE, PCTFE, borosilicate glass, ceramic, PFA (depending on version)

Linear force capability

9.98 kgf.


selectable 6,000 steps (standard) / 48,000 steps (high resolution mode) at 6 cm full stroke

Syringe drive

Stepper motor driven lead screw and optical encoder

Syringe speed

2 sec - 100 min per full stroke (depending on syringe volume)

Syringe volume

25 µl – 50 ml (for further information see accessories)

Valve drive

stepper motor with optical encoder

Valve drive speed

250 ms per 120° rotation


RS232, RS485 or CAN (depending on housing type)

Operating temperature

15°C – 40°C

Accessories & Consumables for PSD/6


Accessories & Consumables

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Category Description P/N


Chemical resistance information

The dispenser is suitable for a wide range of different media (aqueous, organic, aggressive, highly viscous, gaseous), the wetted parts are made of borosilicate glass, PTFE, PCTFE and PEEK in the standard version.

Are there any restrictions concerning used media?

If the fluid contains abrasive particles, this can cause increased abrasion in valves and syringes or clogging. If possible, use only particle-free media.


Duratec PSD/6 Flyer
Hamilton PSD/6 Flyer
Hamilton PSD/6 Manual

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